Stop Suicide

Forced Suicide

What is “Forced Suicide”?
Forced Suicide is a method of execution where the victim is coerced into committing suicide to avoid facing an alternative option they perceive as much worse. Some examples are suffering torture and humiliation until the point it is intolerable to live and suicide seems like a better solution to end the abuse.

See examples below of these two men “Evan Scott Batterton” and “James Denver Jenkins” bragging that they will not stop until the child commits suicide and that they plan to “troll” people into “Amanda Todd Land”. Referring to the murder/suicide of Amanda Todd which came as a result of online “bullying”.Reference: Read About Amanda Todd

The two men claim that the public “loves a monster” and by causing a suicide they can gain fame as the most important or evil trolls online.


“My story: Struggling, bullying, suicide, self harm”The text written below is on their website as the “motto” for Evan and James online gang “the axis”.

As of this date 07-14-2015 it is still there along with attacks at This page is allowed to exist on wordpress but not other websites as they have lost accounts due to violating terms of service with harassment and abuse. WordPress claims this is ok under their terms of “free speech” and that the parents must pay lawyers to have the data removed.

“we have forged into new and less reportable territory. our objectives remain the same: kill the heroes, destroy anonymous faggotry, and troll potatoes to amanda todd land. amen.”



It would be one thing if this was free speech, however they are acting on this, and truly making these attempts to hurt children.

These men are often two to three times the age of their targets or victims.


Continuing threats implying they will not stop until the child “offs herself”.
They consider being blocked by their victim an accomplishment and motivation to hunt them down in other networks and websites or harass their friends and family also.

We see here again these men brag that “nothing crosses the line” when it comes to attacking children or others.

They consider these acts of racism, gay bashing, harassment, and threats all part of “trolling”.

Above we see more hints of them hoping for DEATH of the underage girl just after they sent personal messages to all of her inboxes on several websites and joined a local online high school forum meant for the teenagers, posing as a student. The messages are too graphic to include here and often contained sexually explicit questions.

Local authorities and the school administration all became involved at this point but due to the fact these men are out of state, there is little they can do and have referred all parents to IC3.GOV where it is being investigated.