Nightmare In Suburbia

Movie: Nightmare in Suburbia – The Internet Stalker

The case of an internet surfer known simply as David who became obsessed with website owner Joanna and murdered her partner Matthew Pyke in a jealous rage. With barely any details to properly identify or locate the man, police officers were faced with the task of tracking him down  

Social Networking Privacy

About Social Networking Privacy

What do your long lost childhood best friend, your college roommate, your boss and your significant other all have in common? If you are one of the hundreds of millions of people using social networks, there‚Äôs a good chance that you are linked to them through an online relationship. The information you share with your […]

Facebook Cartoon

CBC Movie: Facebook Follies – Privacy On Social Networks

  Love it or hate it, Facebook is the world’s most successful social networking site. And whether you use it or not, it is fundamentally changing the way people connect and communicate. Facebook is easy to use and so far, more than three-quarters of a billion people all over the world have signed up. Our […]