Cyberstalker Justin Bainter

Justin Bainter – Admin of “Citizens Against Cop Block”

We have recently been alerted to the harassment and stalking attempts by an individual known as “Justin Bainter” located in¬†Rochester, New York. Apparently he is the main admin behind a page dedicated to trolling and harassing victims of police brutality and those who support those victims. If you see this man in any of your […]

Evan Scott Batterton Child Predator Pamphlet

Profile: “Evan Scott Batterton”

Evan Scott Batterton Age: 32 DOB: April 28th 1982 Sex: Male Race: White Hair: None Important Medical: Diagnosed Hepatitis C Positive Current Address: 4515 Maryland Ave #309. St. Louis, MO. 63108 Alternate Address: 10520 Lanell Woods Rd. Festus, MO, 63028 Criminal Record: Defraud Secured Creditors, Theft Stealing Felony Class D, Class C I.P. Address: […]

James Denver Jenkins Child Predator Pamphlet

Profile: “James Denver Jenkins”

James Denver Jenkins Age: 40 DOB: October 4th 1974 Sex: Male Race: White Hair: Blonde Current Address: 2041 Montier Drive. Garland, TX. 75041Other Addresses: 3113 & 3205 Prescott Drive. Garland, TX. 75041 Employer: Hines Nut Company – 990 South St. Paul. Dallas, TX. 75201 Criminal Record: Possession of Meth, Theft +1,500$, Forging Checks, DWI Download:¬†Full […]