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With the wide accessibility of the internet, trolls and child predators are becoming an increasingly dangerous problem online. No longer isolated to troubled teens acting out in chat rooms with simple insults, the act of “trolling” has expanded to full blown harassment and “bullying” on the world wide web involving troubled adults and seriously harmful attacks.

The internet gives child predators and obsessed stalkers a safe vehicle to harass their victims as they hide behind a computer screen often in another state or country.  Their victims information is often public including their family and friends which gives an attacker plenty of ammo to use against them. What’s worse is some of the most narcissistic of these internet “trolls” even misuse emergency services such as Child Protective Services and abuse crime “tip” hotlines in attempts to get their victims in legal trouble or “SWATTED“.

In some of the most extreme cases these individuals even admit their intentions are to cause physical harm to their victim or in worst case scenario, cause them to commit suicide as an alternative to their continued harassment and embarrassment. Also known as “Forced Suicide”.

Unfortunately they have succeeded in ‘bullying’ a child to death in more than one case.

If you are being harassed online, we are here to help!

If you have info to add or someone to report, please contact us at webmaster@musttrollall.com

A Note From The Webmasters Of MustTrollAll.Com: We support free speech and do not support internet censorship. We do however support the prosecution of those who clearly attempt and intend to cause physical and mental harm.